If You Winterized Your Pool With A Mesh Cover

This is a time related post and it is currently mid November 2011and if you winterized your pool prior to 11-1-2011 with a mesh safety cover then it is now time to top off your winter algaecide with an extra gallon to help prevent algae.  This is an important step to follow for people who winterized their pools with a mesh cover.  Skipping this step puts you one step closer to a green pool in the spring!

Also remember that between Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day you will be adding another gallon of winterizing algaecide and you will need to get the system up and running by the end of March 2012.  The Aegean Pools Mesh Cover Program is an excellent program that prevents the growth of algae during the off season but if you fail to follow the steps we promise your pool will  have algae.


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